We Have It, So Let’s Use It!

I watched my son play with toys I cherished as a child. I had fought to guard them through my childhood. I was so careful with them all those years. He was not like that. He wanted to play with them, even if it was messy. A thought came to mind as I watched my son play: “Why have it, if you don’t use it?” What was the point of keeping those toys under lock-and-key for private, careful admiration? The toys were meant to be used. I had actually missed a lot of the fun and experience I could have had with those cars. In a way, I misused them, and I did not get to enjoy them. We often treat spiritual gifts like this.

Produce Repentance in Us – 2 Kings 22

Father, The people had fallen so far that their sins exceeded the sins of the Canaanites. They were even sacrificing their children. Your Law was disregarded, even lost and forgotten.  Then Hilkiah found the Law. Shaphan read it to King Josiah. King Josiah was heartbroken in repentance. He tore his clothes and mourned. Since he … Continue reading Produce Repentance in Us – 2 Kings 22

You Can’t Out-Imagine God

There have been many times that I have prayed about a specific personal need.  The needs have varied. Sometimes I prayed about finances, jobs, family medical needs, salvation of lost people, heart changes in myself and others. Then my imagination would start. I have always been accused of having an active imagination. After praying, I … Continue reading You Can’t Out-Imagine God

Showing Perfect Courtesy on Election Day – A Short Reminder

Take a few minutes to read Titus 3:1-11. Meditate on Paul's instruction. We are commanded to have proper interaction with all people based on a proper understanding of the Gospel. When we understand that we are all born foolish and sinful, we are not as fast to be impatient and discourteous. When we understand that … Continue reading Showing Perfect Courtesy on Election Day – A Short Reminder