About Me:

My name is Bill Whittington. I am a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ, husband to Elizabeth, father of six children, shepherd of a church family in North Central Oklahoma, coffee snob, disc golfer, and reader of mainly dead authors.

About the Blog:

Bible Living Blog is a personal project. This is a place where I meditate and think “outloud.” I think by writing. So, the posts on this blog are largely my attempt to develop in my personal spiritual growth. This is my public journey of forming a biblical foundation for my own life. I invite you to observe this journey, and I pray it helps you as you develop a biblical foundation for your own life.

This blog also contains sermons I have preached and outlines from lessons I have taught in my church family context.

In the inspired words of Paul, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31). Included in the “whatever you do” is the act of writing and meditation. May God use this blog for His glory.

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This copyright notice appears at the bottom of every post that contains the English Standard Version. If the version is not noted it is from the King James Version.

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You may use these blog posts for your own personal study or for teaching a class. You may download a copy to your computer, print, or make paper photocopies for a class or Bible study group but charge only the cost of copying. You may share these posts through email, social media, or other mediums.

If you wish to make alterations to these notes for any purpose other than translation into another language, changes must be approved by Bill Whittington or his appointed representatives. Requests may be sent to biblelivingblog@gmail.com.

Missionaries or other believers who wish to translate these notes may do so without prior permission, provided the above copyright policy is followed. Please notify Bill Whittington about your desire to translate these notes at biblelivingblog@gmail.com, so he can join you in prayer.

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