Paul’s Letter to Titus: An Introduction (Titus 1:1-5 Outline)

This is a sermon outline for the introductory sermon in a series on Titus. This sermon was preached on May 28, 2023 at Pioneer Bible Church. Theme: Right belief with the right confidence should lead to godly living. The Greeting and Titus’ Purpose on Crete (Titus 1:1-5) I. Writer: Paul (1:1-3) A. Paul’s Position Slave … Continue reading Paul’s Letter to Titus: An Introduction (Titus 1:1-5 Outline)

God’s Plummet – A Poem

God’s Plummetby Bill WhittingtonA poem dedicated to Dr. Malcolm Guite.Thank you for helping me recover wonder and creativity! I heard a preacher share a word On using poetry as prayer. The way he spoke on depression Gave me hope over despair. He spoke about an ancient tool That sailors used to inspect The depths of seas unexplored Hidden dangers to detect. He … Continue reading God’s Plummet – A Poem

Fourth Day of Christmas Prayer

Note: December 28 has traditionally been called "Massacre of the Innocents" or "Childermass." It has traditionally been set aside to remember the small ones in Bethlehem that Herod slaughtered in his attempt to kill Jesus (Matthew 2:16-18). Father, On this day of Christmastide, we consider the children of Bethlehem the evil Herod slaughtered. These poor … Continue reading Fourth Day of Christmas Prayer