Good Stuff! Resources around the web…

There are some really helpful resources from reliable preachers and teachers available for free online. I am thankful we live in a time when solid Bible teaching is so easily and freely accessible. Here is a list of resources I have found helpful recently. (Please see my note below.)

Abiding In Christ

Sinclair Ferguson has been such a blessing for Christ’s church. Here is a short article taken from his book In Christ Alone on abiding in Christ:

The Curse Motif of the Atonement

This is a video of a sermon by R.C. Sproul from the 2008 Together for the Gospel conference (T4G). This is Dr. Sproul at his best! Please take time to watch and share!

“Your Prosperity Is Too Small.”

Costi Hinn is a trophy of God’s grace. He was lost in the prosperity “gospel,” and God saved him by His grace. If his last name sounds familiar, it’s because he is Benny Hinn’s nephew. Take time to look at his bio on the For the Gospel site.”

Challies On Church Membership

This is a video from Tim Challies on church membership. He handles this topic well. This is a must watch for members and non-members alike!

Pray Like Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers, was a man who accomplished the work of ten men in his lifetime. Spurgeon was mightily used by God to do great things for God. What was the “secret” to his usefulness? He was a man of the Word of God and prayer.

Note: Please understand that I may not endorse all the resources on a particular website. I am sharing specific resources that have helped me. Use biblical discernment as you read anything. Just as there are a lot of good resources freely available online, there are some really bad resources. Always grade everything you read on this blog or elsewhere with the Bible.