Praying Psalm 2

Sovereign Lord,

The nations rage against you. The people fight, but all their plans are in vain.

The leaders of this earth are set in rebellion against you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only are they in rebellion against you, but they are working together to fight against you.

They do not want your leadership. They fight against your sovereign rule. They war  against you, not wanting  to be held accountable to you. They do not want to be under your rule.

This rebellion was seen most explicitly in the crucifixion of Jesus. The Jews and the Romans alike fought against you. Pilate, Herod, the Gentiles, and  the Jews all rejected your sovereign rule over them, and they crucified the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 4:25-26).

Yet, you laughed at them and mocked them. Even in their rebellion they carried out what your hand and your plan predestined to take place. They were only serving as your instruments. Even now in our time, we see the nations working in rebellion against you. Yet, you are working out your plan. You work all things according to the counsel of your will (Ephesians 1:11).

The Lord has spoken. Jesus, God the Son, has been made Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36). He is Lord over all (Acts 10:36), with all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:19-20).

He has died for our sins, and He has come back to life again. Paul referred to verse 7 of this Psalm as he preached about the resurrection (Acts 13:33). In the resurrection, you have declared Jesus to be the Son of God in power (Romans 1:4). We have resurrection life in Him. Thank you, that through Jesus we have life. In his resurrection, we have resurrection hope (1 Corinthians 15:20-23).

You will judge the whole earth. Those who reject you will face your wrath forever in hell. “…the wicked will not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous… the way of the wicked will perish” (Psalm 1:5-6).

We thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are coming again. You reign now in authority, but you are coming again to visibly exercise that authority with no question (Revelation 19:21). We praise you that you are coming again, and you will rule the nations with a rod of iron (Revelation 19:15). We worship you, as the nations will all turn to you in the future, and we look forward to that day (Psalm 22:27). We pray it comes soon (Revelation 22:20).

As we think of that, Father, we are reminded that the nations are still in an uproar. They war against you, and they will face your wrath. They will not stand in the judgement (Psalm 1:5-6). This includes all those we know who are not submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ’s reign. Father, we pray that you would rescue our leaders, family, friends, fellow Americans, and others who do not know you. May they pay homage to the Son of God (Psalm 2:12). May they return to the Lord to serve him (2:11). May they know the blessing of taking refuge in him (2:12). May they find shelter from the coming Judgement in the Judge, himself. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for facing the wrath of God, so all who turn to you escape it.

“To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!” ( Revelation 5:13)


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