Prayer from Judges 6-7

Thank You that You are faithful. No matter how bleak the situation or how far off course we have gone – You are faithful. You are faithful to forgive when we turn to You. You are faithful to hear us in our distresses. Cleanse us of our sins, and turn our hearts more-and-more to You.
Thank You that You are with us. You do not allow us to win our own victories, but You fight and are victorious for us. You deserve all the glory, for You have accomplished all the work Yourself. You have delivered us from our greatest enemies – sin and death – by the work of Your Son. 
May we be quick to turn from rebellion against You. May we not trust our own resources. May we not trust our own abilities. May we not put our trust in the strength and wisdom of men. While some trust in chariots and others in horses, may our trust be in the name of the Lord our God, no matter how unlikely the situation seems. 
Again, may we remember Your past work on our behalf. May we trust that You are still working and will continue to work for Your glory and our good. 
Amen.“ (Judges 6-7, Psalm 20:7)