Under New Ownership

Here is an excerpt from tomorrow’s sermon. If you are in the Ticonderoga area and are not part of a church family, we would love to have you join us. We will be studying Titus 2:1-2. The title of this chapter series is “Doctrine and Duty: An Inseparable Pair.” Here is a “sampling”…

The grace of God rescues us from sin. This rescue from sin changes everything. We are no longer captives of sin. We are no longer imprisoned by Satan. Therefore, we are to live as people who are set free and cleansed.

The grace of God trains us to live as people who belong to God. This is not an added bonus or optional add-on for the “really good Christians.” This is the duty of all who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Good News of Jesus calls us to come to Jesus to be saved and owned by Him. The Good News of Jesus calls us to live for Him. The Good News of Jesus commands that we live for the One who owns us. The Good News sets us free for this purpose.

We can understand the idea of new ownership. We have all seen a store that has been for sale. When a new person buys it, even if the name remains the same, there will often be a sign that says “new management” or “under new ownership.” It is the same building. It may have the same employees. However, the management has changed. The business now works under that new ownership. The old owner’s rights to the business are gone. The old owners rules and procedures are out. The new owner is in charge and calls the shots.

Brothers and sisters, we are under new management. The old owner is out. The new Owner is in charge. We no longer belong to sin, Satan, and the world. We belong to Jesus. He has set us free from sin by giving Himself for us. He is in charge. He calls the shots. We are to respond to this grace with trusting obedience.

This is not a call to morality or behavior reform. This is not a command to improve ourselves in our own willpower. This is a call to understand and live dependent upon the grace of God that trains us to live for Christ as His possession.

While we live in the present age, we live in light of Jesus’ two appearances. He has appeared to save us by giving Himself for us. He is coming again in glory (Titus 2:11-14).