Sermon Excerpt – Behavior that Matches the Gospel (Titus 2:1-10)

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we belong to Jesus. This is not the case because of anything we have done or can do. This is not true because of who we are in ourselves. This is true only because of what Jesus has done for us. The grace of God has appeared and has brought salvation to us. Jesus Christ, our great God and Savior, has given Himself for us. He has died in our place for our sin. He has done this to purchase us for Himself and set us free from lawlessness. He has done this to make us His treasured people who are eager to do good works. 

We are under new ownership. When a business comes under new ownership there will often be banners and signs to announce it. Those banners send the message that the business is owned by someone else. The building is the same, the name may be the same, and some of the employees may be the same, but there is a new owner. There is a new boss, and this business is his to be operated under His new rules. The old boss’s way is out. The new boss’s way is in. What used to be appropriate under the former owner is no longer appropriate under the new owner. There is a new way of doing things.

The banner that shows we are under new ownership is our new way of life that matches our new Owner’s message. A Christian’s physical appearance does not change to show Jesus owns them. There is not a physical banner that waves over Christians to indicate that Jesus owns us. The sign that shows we are under new ownership is the work of grace being done in us that changes the way we behave. 

Is it not true that it is possible to notice the change of ownership in a business by observing the way they operate. They may not have a banner up advertising their new ownership, but it is possible to note the change in the way things are done. 

This is true for the Christian. While there are no physical banners to indicate Jesus reigns in a heart, there are changes in behavior that indicate the work of grace that has saved and is training them.

Titus 2:1-10 could be seen as the new orders for operation under the new Ownership of Jesus. These are the new orders of operation. Please note that these are not the way we come under new ownership. A business does not come under new ownership because they operate differently. A business operates differently because it has been purchased by a new owner. 

We do not become the people of Jesus because we live a certain way. We do not come under Jesus’ Lordship by doing good or changing our way of life. We become Jesus’ people because He has purchased us for Himself with Himself. He does the purchasing. When He has purchased us, He brings us under His new way of operation.

Jesus trains His people by His grace (undeserved kindness) to live as His people (2:11-12). The way this training takes place is within the body of believers as we learn God’s Word together and in the proper spheres train one another to behave in a way that is appropriate for God’s people. 

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