Ornamental Prayer Prompts

Our family decorated our Christmas tree yesterday evening. It is always fun to take out ornaments from years gone-by and add new ones to the collection. 

This year I did something new. It was unplanned, but it turned into a great blessing. It is something I hope becomes a tradition in a good sense. This year I prayed for individuals as I hung ornaments on the tree. Many of our ornaments were gifts or were purchased as a memory was being made with others.

I prayed for a lady from the church I preached for my senior year of Bible college. She gave me a hand-painted ornament during that Christmas season.

I prayed for a friend from Bible college who has forsaken the faith. As I looked at the ornament he gave me I prayed that he would turn to the Lord Jesus.

I prayed for our children as I looked at the ornaments from their first Christmas. I prayed for our daughter who has professed faith in Jesus to grow. I prayed for our other children to follow the Lord Jesus.

I prayed for my wife and our marriage. I prayed that God would strengthen and grow our marriage this year. She has faithfully purchased a new ornament for me every year. My favorite is the one pictured below. Penguins and coffee! Two of my favorite things!

I prayed for my parents as I looked at ornaments that they gave our children. I prayed for my in-laws. I prayed for an aunt who has suffered much loss. I prayed for the church where I first served as an assistant pastor. There were others that came to mind as I put these ornaments on the tree.

I hope this is a tradition that continues throughout the Christmas season and in years to come. It is helpful to see visual prayer prompts.

Perhaps this is a Christmas tradition you can begin in your home.