Storehouses of Snow

I was feeling overwhelmed today. The winter time and spending lots of time indoors can have that effect on me. I knew I needed to go on a walk, but I did not feel motivated to go. I am thankful my wife faithfully nudged me to get fresh air.

Since it was not too cold by upstate New York standards, I put on my light jacket and went out. I instantly felt some relief. The longer I walked the better I felt. I took advice from my inner child and walked in the snow, not the cleared parts of the sidewalk. I walked down a lane by our park that is lined with lampposts and allowed myself to escape to Narnia. Light snow was falling, and any minute I expected Mr. Tumnus to come along and invite me to tea.

I took my time and just looked at everything. I observed the snow banks, the trees robed in white, and the river with its snowy banks. I even studied an orange trail marker on a small tree. I watched water fall from an old dam that used to power mills along the river. I even read an information placard about the dam I had never stopped to read before.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the snow. Snowflakes fell and rested on my black gloves. They were so clear. They looked like crystal against the dark backdrop. I thought about the saying I have always heard that every snowflake is unique. No two snowflakes are alike.

Have you ever thought about how amazing that is?

A dusting of snow has countless snowflakes. They land on the ground and merge together as one. Yet, innumerable snowflakes make the white blanket over the winter landscape, and every one of them is unique.

As I pondered this I was reminded of Job 38:22 which speaks of God’s storehouses of snow. God has treasuries of snow. The snow I observed on my walk is God’s snow, and He was kind enough to let me enjoy it and marvel.

I needed that walk. I needed an opportunity to let my imagination work again. I needed to be creative as a means of reflecting my Creator. I needed to breathe God’s fresh air and observe God’s snow. I needed a reminder that God is God, and He is never overwhelmed.

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