Built on Christ the Living Cornerstone

1 Peter 2:4-10

I. The Lord Jesus Is the Living Cornerstone

A. Rejected by Men (John 1:10-11) – reject= investigate and find wanting…

B. God’s chosen and precious Stone

C. Stands in the Scriptures
• Isaiah 28:16 (v. 6)
• Psalm 118:22 (v. 7)
• Isaiah 8:14 (v. 8)

II. There Are Two Possible Responses to the Lord Jesus

A. Rejection – disobeying the Gospel
• The Jewish Leaders and People (cf. Matthew 21:33-46; Mark 12:1-12; Acts 4:11)
• All Who Do Not Believe

B. Reception
• Believe on Him
• Coming to Him (present tense – this is an ongoing reality)

III. These Responses Have Determined Results…

A. For those who reject the Lord… Stumbling and Shame – eternal judgement (Matthew 21:43-44)
• Stumbling
• Shame

B. For those who believe… Position, Purpose, Power

• Position
1 United to Christ
2 Built as a Dwelling for God – a Spiritual House
3 Placed in a Priesthood for God – A Chosen Family, A Royal Priesthood, etc…

• Purpose
1 Offer up spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ – Godward – Priests
2 Proclaim the Lord’s excellencies – Outward – Preachers
3 Power – Coming to Him (Present Tense)…

IV. Application

• Gospel Call – Have you rejected Jesus or Received Jesus? Believe on Him!

• Believers
1 Continue coming to Jesus…
2 Understanding and receiving by faith our position in Jesus
3 Understanding and receiving by faith that position comes with a purpose
4 Because we are in Christ, God receives all of our service to Him as spiritual sacrifice to Him
5 2:11 begins the practical application of 2:4-10.