1 Peter 1:1-2:10 Summary

Our church family has been studying the letter of 1 Peter. We just studied 1 Peter 2:13-17 this past Sunday. Review is incredibly important as we move through a book of the Bible, because it keeps everything in context. This past Sunday I gave a summary review of everything we have studied so far. I have not posted my sermon manuscripts to the blog, but, even without reading or hearing the other sermons, I believe that this summary will be helpful. 

Be sure to take out your Bible and read 1 Peter 1:1-2:10 before reading the summary. The Bible is far more important than the summary below! Enjoy!

As we have been studying 1 Peter we have been looking at what it means to stand firm in God’s grace as God’s chosen exiles in a hostile world (1 Peter 1:1-2; 5:12). This world is not our home. We are God’s children through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we have an inheritance that is indestructible and kept for us in heaven by God’s power. We are also being kept by God’s power, even in intense trials, on this journey to our heavenly Home. In our relationship with the Lord Jesus, we are able to rejoice with a joy beyond description (1:3-8).

We have been set apart by the Holy Spirit to belong to and serve Jesus Christ, so in practice we are called and privileged to set ourselves apart to God for His service (1:2, 14-16). We have been given a certain hope that is coming to us at the revelation of Jesus, so we are to fix our confidence completely in the grace Jesus is bringing to us at that time (1:9, 13). We have been loved by God who gave His Son to die for us, therefore we are to love one another with a sincere love (1:22-25) We have been purchased with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father will hold us accountable for how we live as His redeemed people in this world (1 Peter 1:17-21). We have tasted that the Lord is good in the Good News of Jesus Christ, so we continue to long for that Gospel that has given us new life and nourishes us for our growth (2:1-3).

God has united us to the Lord Jesus Christ, and united to Him we are the dwelling of God and priests to serve Him (2:4-10). We are priests offering up spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ. Since we are united to Jesus these spiritual sacrifices are coming through Him, so God is pleased to accept them! (2:4-5) We are also made priests for God to proclaim the excellencies of the One who called us out from darkness into His marvelous light! (2:9-10)