You Anoint My Head With Oil

Due to family needs I am reposting some of my past posts. The following post is a prayer that was originally published on May 9, 2020…

“Lord, You are a good and kind Shepherd. You have died in the place of the sheep. You have given us eternal life. You have also provided us with comfort. As a shepherd puts oil on his sheep to heal wounds and relieve discomforts, You have given us the Holy Spirit as the Comforter. He is our Helper and Advocate.

“Holy Spirit, may we depend upon You in the troubles we face. Even as we are content with the Lord’s provision while our enemy looks on, may we be satisfied in Your comfort.

“Father, You are the God of all comfort. You comfort us in affliction, and prepare us to comfort others who are afflicted. May we see that You have led us to the affliction we face. When we are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death it is due to Your leadership. Yet, You do not abandon us there. You stay with us and comfort us. May we see all sorrow and difficulty and trial as Your grace to prepare us for Your work. May we reach out with Your comfort to those who are afflicted. For the glory of our Good Shepherd, Amen!”

(Psalm 23:4-5; John 10:11, 14:16-18; 2 Corinthians 1:3-11)