Surely Goodness and Mercy Will Pursue Me

Due to family needs I am reposting some of my past posts. The following post is a prayer that was originally published on May 12, 2020…

“Lord, Your goodness pursues Your people. There is no way for us to outrun it. There is no way for us to exhaust it. You are infinitely good, and Your goodness will pursue us forever. We are Your people. Your have made us benefactors of the New Covenant through the death of Jesus Christ in our place. Your covenant love, Your grace, pursues us. We are not the accidental recipients of Your grace. You intentionally pursue us to show us good. Your grace is greater than our sinfulness. Your grace is greater than our failures. We can never fall out of Your grace. As You endure forever, so does Your steadfast love and faithfulness. We can never outrun grace. We can never run it dry. It will pursue us all of our days on this earth. In the coming ages, you will continue to show the immeasurable riches of Your grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. You will forever show us good, which we do not deserve. Enable us in happy and sad days to believe this – You are always pursuing us with Your goodness and grace. Amen.” (Psalm 23:6; Luk 22:20; Letter to the Hebrews; Psalm 117; Ephesians 1:3-14, 2:4-10)

“Follow” (Psalm 23:6 – KJV and ESV) is not a casual following but a pursuit.

“Mercy” (Psalm 23:6 – KJV and ESV) is the Hebrew word “chesed” which is God’s covenant love. This is God’s love that He shows towards those with whom He makes covenant. This is God’s grace.

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