Update: Schedule Craziness and Moving

Hello Everyone,

I greatly appreciate your support in reading this blog. I love to write, and I really enjoy reflecting on God and His Word in my writing. By God’s grace I truly want to help you form a biblical foundation for life. I also started the podcast to fulfill that same purpose.

Our family is getting closer and closer to our moving date. On November 20th we will pull out of our driveway in New York and travel to our new home in Oklahoma. As you would expect there have been a lot of emotions connected to this move. We are sad to leave our friends in New York, yet we are extremely excited to start this new chapter with our new church family.

Moving presents all kinds of crazy challenges, especially when five kiddos are along for the ride. That being said, even sleeping is not on schedule. Between throwing things out, giving things away, packing, setting up services, ending services, etc., I find that there is little time to breathe these days.

So, I wanted to let you know that I need to pause normal writing for a few weeks to get things transitioned to Oklahoma. Once settled I plan to regroup and begin writing on the blog and recording podcasts. Please don’t give up on the blog in the meantime. There may be a few posts here and there as we go, but once settled I hope to get back to normal.

Please keep us in prayer as we transition. I look forward to writing again soon!