Update and Scheduling (Friday Posts)

Hello Everyone,

My family and I are settling into north central Oklahoma. The weather has been a delightful change for me, since it has been an unusually warm December. The longer time of sunlight has also been a great help in my struggle with depression. I normally found the much shorter days of the New York winter were much harder to manage.

The church family here has been very supportive and gracious. We have been overwhelmed by their kindness and encouragement as we have settled into a new place.

While we miss friends in New York, the Lord continually confirms that this is His plan for us. I am excited to see how He will grow and strengthen the church family here in the days ahead. I look forward to further personal growth in the years ahead.

It is taking me a while to settle into schedules which has made blogging difficult. If you are a regular reader of Bible Living, you have noticed that I have never restarted the “three posts per week” schedule. I have an idea it is going to take a while to restart that schedule.

I am going to begin a different plan for a while and ease back into everything. Starting this week I want to publish at least one post per week. I want to make Friday morning my scheduled post time. There may be other posts in the week, but Fridays will be my set posting schedule.

For those who would like to join me in prayer, I will be starting a sermon series on Ephesians in January. I would appreciate prayer as our church family studies this incredible letter.

Resting in Jesus,