Praying Psalm 23:1-3

“Good Shepherd, You have purchased us for Yourself. All we have is from You. All we need is in You. You feed us with Your Word. You restore our souls with Your Word. You also lead us with Your Word.

“You lead us in right paths. You lead us with Your Word in right, holy living. You lead us in right decisions. You lead us for Your name’s sake. It is for Your glory that You lead us. Your leadership is not about us. It is about Your glory.

“May we come to Your Word for food for our souls. May we not be distracted by temporal information and arguments. Instead, may we come to the eternal Word for food. May we come there for restoration. May we come there for direction. May we come there to see our Shepherd, and may our hearts be satisfied in Him. May we seek direction for Your glory realizing Your glory is all that truly matters. May we also see that our ultimate good is found in what glorifies You. Amen.” (PS. 23:1-3)

If you don’t know the Lord Jesus as your Shepherd, please see the Good News page!