Prayer From 2 Samuel 1


Saul’s rebellion led to the death of Saul, Jonathan, and many others. The wicked and the upright died together. David’s foe and friend died as a consequence for Saul’s sin.

May we learn from Saul that we are not the only ones harmed by our sin. Rebellion against You is far reaching. We have all been harmed by the sins of other people. We have all harmed others with our own sin.

Warn us of the danger of sin. Also cause us to rejoice in the perfect obedience of our Savior. He perfectly obeyed You to the point of death on the cross. In Him there is forgiveness for the sins of His people. 

In these days of turmoil and destruction enable us to mourn the downfall of the wicked. May we remember that You do not rejoice in their fall. You desire them to turn and be forgiven. Remind us that You did not give us what we have deserved. You have given Your people life in Jesus.

May we mourn as David mourned for Saul. In these times of fighting, violence, hypocrisy, and injustice, enable us to lament. Cause us to pray for God to give the wicked “repentance that leads to life.” Bring true healing through the perfect work of Jesus.

Amen (2 Samuel 1; Ezekiel 33:11; Acts 11:18)

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