Isaiah 40 – Lord Infinitely Superior


You are infinitely superior to all. 

You are infinitely wiser than the wisest man. No one can give you counsel.

You are infinitely greater than the nation’s of the earth. Even the oldest nations on this planet are a drop in a very large bucket compared to You.

You are infinitely greater than lifeless idols and their crafters. You formed the heavens. Man forms worthless gods. 

You are infinitely mightier than the rulers of this earth. Their power only lasts for a short season. They die, are gone, and are eventually forgotten. You are forever exalted in the heavens. We are like insects compared to Your majesty.

Your strength is far greater than any man’s strength. Even young men have limits to their strength. Your might has no limit or end.

Yet, the Superior leans into the inferior. You give comfort to Your people. You, the great and good Shepherd, lead us as a gentle shepherd. You give strength and enablement when we are weak. Why would we ever trust in anyone or anything else?

Enable us to wait on You and in You find all we need.

Amen (Isaiah 40)

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