The Counsel of His Will – A Short Reminder

A repeated theme of every election is predictions. It seems like everyone wants to predict who will win. One of my favorite parts of elections is listening to different news stations on election day to hear their predictions. I also enjoy the aftermath when the real results are out. 

You may have taken part in these guesses. Perhaps the guessing game creates anxiety in your life. Maybe you get a buzz from the “gamble” involved. Who will win the 2020 US presidential election? None of us will know until the real results are announced.

There is one Person who knows. In fact the results of this and every election are in His plan. The Lord is working all things out according to His plan (Ephesians 1:11).

In times of uncertainty some of us are prone to anxiety and despair. Others are drawn in to the thrill. Some are dealing with anger. Wherever you find yourself in the election rollercoaster, keep in mind that the plans of God are not overruled.

Whatever the results of this election God has a plan “…to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth”

(Ephesians 1:10 – note: him = Christ). Let’s set our hope in Him.

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