Make Us Servant Leaders – 1 Kings 12


King Rehoboam refused the advice of the elders to rule as a servant of the people. He chose oppression and ungodly power. The kingdom was divided between two ungodly leaders who went their own way.

Your way to leadership and greatness is service. You have said that the one who wishes to be great must be the servant of all. This is Your example. You came to serve and give Your life as a ransom. 

Please do a work of grace in Your people. Our sinful hearts rebel against servanthood. Our pride fights against humility. 

Teach Your people that the way to lead is through service. That oppression, control, and fear are not godly means of leadership. Teach us that the mind of Christ takes on service no matter personal cost. Rather than demanding service from others, instruct us to wash the saint’s feet. May we truly believe that greatness in Your kingdom comes through service.

By the enabling grace of Jesus,

Amen (1 Kings 12; Mark 10:41-45; John 13:1-17; Philippians 2:3-11)

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