Prayer for Grace-Driven, Grace-Transformed Homes


I pray that our homes would display the Gospel. May our lives at home be consistent with our profession to know You.

Jesus, may our marriages reflect Your relationship with the Church. Protect our purity and holiness.  I pray that our marriages would be Christ-exalting. 

For the singles reading and praying this, guard their purity in mind, heart, and body. Increase their devotion to You and Your people. Increase their contentment in You. Prepare them now for marriage and parenthood, if that is Your design for them.

Father, may parents reading and praying this reflect Your fatherhood. May we keep the Gospel before ourselves and our children. In our failures, may we repentantly point our children to You. You are the perfect Father who will never fail them. In our successes, may all praise be directed to You.

By Your grace, enable us to set the believers an example of grace-transformation in our homes.

Guard our families from the evil one. 

In Jesus’ name,

Amen (Titus 1:6)