Gospel-Matching Behavior for Leaders (Titus 2:7-8)

“Yourself” is the next category in Titus 2:2-10, and it refers to Titus. Titus was to show himself to be an example of good works in every way (2:7-8). He was to “teach what accords with sound doctrine” (2:1). He was to behave in a way that matched the Gospel as a model to follow. 

Titus was not a pastor. He was a regional leader. However, this principle applies to local church leaders. Peter makes this clear in 1 Peter 5:3. The elders are to be examples to the flock of God.

The elders serve as examples for other believers. Brother elders, we must make certain that our teaching is based in truth, worthy of respect, and based in the Good News (see also Titus 1:9). We must also match our lives to the healthy teaching of the Good News.

This is impossible in our own strength. Truly without Jesus we can do nothing (John 15:5) So, elders, we must daily and hourly affirm the truth of the Good News. Jesus has died to free us from sin (2:14). Jesus has purchased us for Himself. Jesus is training us by His grace (2:12). So, we continually depend on Him knowing that in Him we can do as He has appointed us to do. Without Him we fall flat on our faces every time. Since Jesus Christ has died for us and is ascended, we are enabled by His grace to serve Him. 

This post is an edited excerpt from a sermon preached at First Baptist Church in Ticonderoga, NY.

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