Prayers for the Church This Sunday

For my brothers who are pastors and elders, my brothers and sisters who are Sunday School teachers, and missionaries around the globe….

Father, You have taught us Your statutes as we have studied and prepared to teach Your Word. Now, would you please open our lips to declare Your Word with love, clarity, and boldness. For Jesus’ glory, Amen (Psalm 119:12-13).

For all my brothers and sisters gathering to worship and receive the Word…

Father, please open our eyes to see marvelously awesome things in Your Word as it is preached and taught. May we crave the Word, so we may be grown by it for the sake of Jesus’ glory. Amen. (Psalm 119:18; 1 Peter 2:1-3).

For those who do not know the Lord Jesus:

Father, please cause them to be born again to Your living confidence through the resurrection of Jesus. May their souls be purified by Jesus’ blood. May they be born again by the indestructible Word of Your eternal Gospel that Christ has died for our sins and has risen again. Amen (1 Peter 1:3, 22-25)