It’s Sweet!

This post is from my favorite writer and guest, my wife, Elizabeth. This tells the story of her interaction with our oldest daughter.

“For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”  (2 Corinthians 4:17)

There is was setting on the table, a bright red hard candy, just waiting for my daughter to complete her task in order to enjoy it. With great eagerness, she came to the table, snatched up the candy and popped it into her mouth, only to spit it back out into her hand in a split second. You see, this was her first encounter with a Warhead® candy.

 I held her hand and said calmly, “Put it back in your mouth and trust me.” Reluctantly she slowly put it back in her mouth and proceeded to contort her face as she moved the extremely sour candy around in her mouth. Again I said, “Trust me,” as I looked into her desperate eyes.

 Slowly the pained expression on her face began to change, and the look in her eyes lost its intensity. Finally, a grin started to spread across her face, as she exclaimed, “It’s sweet!” She laughed a bit, then finished off the candy with relief, gratefulness, and joy.

 Brothers and Sisters, how many times have we been given “Warheads” in our lives? No, not the candy, but the unexpected times of trial?

As we have gone through life, our expectations are suddenly met with an intense sour bite that make us want to retreat and get away from the hard time the moment we come in contact with it.

 Oh, believers, don’t resent those trials, but rather embrace them, for sweetness beyond our understanding is coming! Our Lord is so faithfully by our side, encouraging us to trust Him. He knows what is coming, and He knows it is good – so, so good! The trials, dear ones, are not to hurt us, rather they are there for our good.

 Trust our all-knowing God to turn those sour times in life into something sweet for our good and His glory. And may we, as the time comes, and the sour fades away, shout with great joy, “It’s sweet!”

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