Commit Your Work to the LORD

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:3).

I have recently committed this verse to memory. I am often quick to get to work, but I am very slow to commit things to the Lord. It is easy to get busy in very good things but not seek the Lord’s direction and strength.

This verse is a good reminder of the right order for work. First, I commit my work to the Lord, then my plans will be established.

This verse does not mean that I bring my plans to the LORD, and He will put His stamp of approval on them and make them work. Instead, this proverb is indicating that the Lord will establish the right plans.

The word “established” means “stand up” or “set up.” (1) When I commit my work to the Lord, I am putting myself in the place of submission and He in the place of leadership. Then He will make the right plan clear and establish it for me.

Dr. Larry Moyer told me this past week that we often pray as the directors rather than being the directed. We should pray as the directed not the directors.

As we commit our work to the Lord, we are bringing the work before us to Him. We are submitting ourselves and the task to Him. We are placing ourselves in the seat of the directed, submitting to Him as the Director. As we do this, He will establish the plans.

  1. Strong’s, 3559.