Family and Writing Update

This has been a season of celebration, abnormal schedules, fun family times, good coffee, church family care, and spiritual ups and downs. In some ways, I have seen seasons like this before, but in other ways this is a whole new experience for me and my family.

First, we have celebrated the arrival of our sixth child, our third daughter. We welcomed her home in July, and as any parent knows her arrival has brought excitement, joy, and schedule changes. Her mother and I have enjoyed having a baby in our home again, and her siblings think she is a wonderful addition to our home.

Second, we have had abnormal schedules. This is due in part to the arrival of a new baby. As newborns tend to do, she has had her days and nights mixed up at times. For the first few weeks, with my wife’s limitations from recovery, my schedule was filled with entertaining and caring for the other five kids. Those times brought special memories and some speed bumps, but overall, I look back on the last five weeks with a smile.

Third, we have had great times with family. Elizabeth’s parents visited with us for a week, and my parents are here visiting with us now. We were also able to visit with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and our two nephews who live close by.

That leads me to the good coffee. When my brother-in-law’s family visited, he brought me a bag of whole coffee beans from a distant relative’s coffee company. It you read my bio on the About page, you will see that I am self-proclaimed coffee snob, so this was a special delight, especially during the strange schedules of the last five weeks. Thanks Bro!

Our church family has been such an encouragement, blessing, and support over the past several weeks. We had a meal schedule posted and so many from our church family brought meals or paper plates and plasticware. That is not to mention the ones who helped with childcare on the days around our daughter’s arrival. Childcare for five kids is no easy task! I am so encouraged and amazed at God’s love shown to us through our local church family. I cannot thank Him and them enough for all the help shown. Since this was our first baby since coming to the church, they also planned a baby shower for Elizabeth while her mom was here. Church family, if you are reading this, I thank God for you, and I thank you for your part in caring for us.

As with any busy season there have been spiritual difficulties. There were days when anxiety got the better of me. There have been days where I realized in the afternoon, “Wow! I have not sat down for quiet time with the Lord, yet!” There have been times that I have allowed the exhaustion of strange schedules to get the better of me, and I have been unkind. I have also had times of selfishness as I have wanted to do my thing rather than serve as I should. Then again, there has been the joy of confession, restored fellowship with God and family, and the experience of grace that welcomes me back into the joy of spending time with God. I have also enjoyed those moments when the Lord brought Scripture to mind to encourage and convict as I have needed it. I have also enjoyed the renewal of family worship and spiritual care as our schedule has started coming into a new normal. The Lord Jesus is faithful. He has died for me, risen again, has saved me, is interceding for me, is keeping me, and will someday come for me. He faithfully continues to walk with me in the ups and downs.

Writing on the blog has not been highest priority in recent weeks. As things have reached a new normal, I am figuring out the best schedule to continue sharing through writing. I enjoy the opportunity to write, and I look forward to the lessons God has in store for me in this journey Home.

Thanks for reading, sharing, caring, and praying.

In His Service,