Fourth Day of Christmas Prayer

Note: December 28 has traditionally been called “Massacre of the Innocents” or “Childermass.” It has traditionally been set aside to remember the small ones in Bethlehem that Herod slaughtered in his attempt to kill Jesus (Matthew 2:16-18).


On this day of Christmastide, we consider the children of Bethlehem the evil Herod slaughtered. These poor souls are often overlooked in our remembrance of Christmas. May we reflect on the evil of self-worship displayed by Herod, and may we see in his murderous plotting how far our sin can take us if not for Your grace.

We also remember the little ones who are daily slaughtered in our own land on the altar of self-worship and convenience. We ask that You bring these little ones safely into Your presence.

Make us a courageous Church to stand against such evil. May we courageously warn of Your judgement and lovingly extend offers of Your grace in Christ to escape that judgement.

In the name of Jesus our Lord,