Peace in Ephesians

The following is a lightly edited outline from the sermon in the morning worship gathering at Pioneer Bible Church on February 6, 2022. Ephesians -  Saints: Set Apart In Calling and Practice Week Four: Peace in the Letter to the Ephesians (Read 2:11-22) Peace Defined: Peace in position – War with God and His people … Continue reading Peace in Ephesians

Grace Disciplines Us

Our church family is currently studying Ephesians in our morning worship gathering. We have been overviewing the book to give us a good foundation. One of the means that I have used to lead this overview is to study the main topics of the letter. Something helpful I have learned from Charles Simeon Trust workshops … Continue reading Grace Disciplines Us

Grace in the Letter to the Ephesians

Series: Ephesians – Saints: Set Apart to God in Calling and Practice Review: Week One: Overview of Ephesians Chapters 1-3 – Position in ChristChapters 4-6 – Practice in ChristConnected by Ephesians 4:1 Week Two: “Paul, the ambassador of King Jesus, writing to those who are set apart to God through trusting in Jesus Christ.” This … Continue reading Grace in the Letter to the Ephesians

Psalm 23:1 Meditation Pt. 2

This is another meditation from Psalm 23. The more I meditate on this Psalm, the more I see what a powerful tool it is to preach truth to myself. Today, I am confronting my doubts and fears head-on with Psalm 23:1. "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1) For something I … Continue reading Psalm 23:1 Meditation Pt. 2

It’s Sweet!

This post is from my favorite writer and guest, my wife, Elizabeth. This tells the story of her interaction with our oldest daughter. “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”  (2 Corinthians 4:17) There is was setting on the table, a bright red hard candy, … Continue reading It’s Sweet!

Ephesians – Saints: Set Apart in Calling and Practice

The following is slightly adapted from the January 16, 2022 sermon at Pioneer Bible Church. This is the first in a series on Ephesians. Overview of Ephesians Divided into Two Sections – Chapters 1-3 and Chapters 4-6Connected by Ephesians 4:1 (HINGE) -  “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a … Continue reading Ephesians – Saints: Set Apart in Calling and Practice

How Will This Be? Luke 1:26-38

Perhaps you have taken a look at Luke’s Christmas account in preparation for Christmas, or you are planning to soon. As I was reading Luke 1 yesterday morning, I had some thoughts that came to mind from Mary’s interaction with Gabriel.  This year I have tried to forget that I know the Christmas account and … Continue reading How Will This Be? Luke 1:26-38